This Drone Can Fly Forever Without a Battery

Want a drone to fly longer and farther? Give it a bigger battery. But that adds weight, which in turn reduces the drone’s flight time. It’s quite a conundrum. It seems like an unresolvable catch-twenty-two, except that someone has finally found a way to use wireless power to keep a drone flying.

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Guy’s stunning GQ resume earned him an internship without an interview


Going above and beyond definitely pays off.

Sumukh Mehta of Bangalore, India, made over 160 resumes for other professionals in order to help them land the right job. Then, he decided to do something for himself. 

Trying to impress the Editor-in-Chief of British GQ in hopes of scoring a marketing job, Mehta turned his resume into an actual 20-page magazine. It was complete with stories about his life, work experience, his education and pleas for the magazine to hire him. 

“In today’s competitive world, everything is just so difficult that you need to be creative if you really want to make things work and that’s what I did,” Mehta wrote on Facebook. Read more…

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Get More from SharePoint Without Buying Another License

Get More from SharePoint Without Buying Another License

How does licensing for Office 365 SharePoint Online and Exchange Online match up with on-premises licensing and things like that? Basically, the user license in Office 365 also gives you the license to an equal workload running on-premises.

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