Until Dawn gets its first bug-fix update

Yes, it's time to run. A scene from Until Dawn, where Samantha confronts a creepy guy.

Sony has released an update to fix various bugs that interrupt the gameplay of Until Dawn. These bug fixes could be critical, since Until Dawn is a highly replayable interactive horror game where you try to save as many characters trapped at a mountain lodge, until dawn.

Gamers have complained about some problems from the bugs. I’ve run into a couple of bugs myself in three playthroughs of the game. In one of them, one of the characters fires a gun and the gun doesn’t actually go off. There’s bad consequences for that. In another scene, one character picked up a totem and the game crashed as the video started. After I installed the 46-megabyte update, that problem went away for me.

Here’s our review of Until Dawn, and here’s our tips for surviving it.

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