Nature Inspired Nanotexturing Gives Graphene Boost In Light Absorption

The humble moth has provided inspiration to a team of top researchers at the Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey, who have engineered graphene, a material that is usually terrible at absorbing light, to create a nanotextured graphene that can absorb 95% of incident light – all by mimicking the nanostructure found on on the eye of a moth.

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Google is giving a big boost to Gmail security



Google is amping up security and protections for Gmail users, giving people a more noticeable warning if there’s a chance the government is trying to steal their password, giving warnings for dangerous links and proposing a more secure email-sending standard.

Google announced on its blog that it is expanding upon Safe Browsing to alert Gmail users about the possibility of suspicious government activity. Since 2012, Google has put a banner on top of users’ Gmail pages that had a warning about state-sponsored attackers if Google believed they were in danger, but starting today people will get a full-page warning about it — very hard to miss. Read more…

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PowerSchool Partners with Montgomery County School District to Boost…

PowerSchool will enhance the user experience and improve productivity for Montgomery County School District

(PRWeb March 16, 2016)

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