This homemade hoverbike is the future of personal aviation



The Internet’s favorite crazy inventor has created a rideable hoverbike, and while it doesn’t go much higher than a couple feet, it’s a pretty innovative creation.

YouTuber Colin Furze, famous for his homemade Wolverine claws, jet-powered bicycle and recent thermite launcher, embarked on his first-ever flying project as requested by fans. He created the hoverbike, a seatless, brake-less contraption powered by two motorized propellers in place of wheels. He only shows it off in short bursts, so you probably can’t fly it down to your local store to buy bread.

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Analyzing real WordPress hacking attempts

In my last few posts I’ve pondered the issue of how insecure WordPress installations have become. Here’s an interesting thing to try if you run a WordPress site; install the 404 to 301 plugin and in its settings check the “Email notifications” option and enter an email address in the “Email address” field. Now, whenever a nonexistent URL is requested, you’ll get notified and, at least for me, it’s been pretty interesting to see how hackers attempt to enter my WordPress installations. 

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The Duggars Return To TV

Did you catch the first TLC special on the Duggars: ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’? They were very open in dealing with the scandals that rocked their family due to oldest sibling Josh Duggar’s behavior. RELATED: Anna Duggar’s reaction to Josh Duggar’s cheating scandal: “This can’t be true.” The special started off with Jill Duggar […]


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