A Surprise $1.79B Private Equity Investment – and the Fate of Marketo

A Surprise $ 1.79B Private Equity Investment - and the Fate of Marketo

Marketing software industry analysts said Marketo was ripe for acquisition — just not by a private equity firm. San Francisco-based Vista Equity Partners scooped up the San Mateo, Calif.-based marketing automation provider for $ 1.79 billion yesterday. In April, Vista dropped $ 1.65 billion on the acquisition of Tysons Corner, Va.

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GrabCAD’s Print Cloud Speeds Up 3D Printing

GrabCAD Print takes the github concept of a processing and sharing hub which can deal with many different file formats, and applies it to the 3D printing process. The goal is to make prototyping faster and less convoluted.
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Nvidia chief downplays challenge from Google’s AI chip

Nvidia has staked a big chunk of its future on supplying powerful graphics chips used for artificial intelligence, so it wasn’t a great day for the company when Google announced two weeks ago that it had built its own AI chip for use in its data centers.

Google’s Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU, was built specifically for deep learning, a branch of AI through which software trains itself to get better at deciphering the world around it, so it can recognize objects or understand spoken language, for example.

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