In the Last 2 Years, Delta Air Lines Has Given Passengers Something Astonishing and Valuable (and No One Has Noticed)

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

If you were asked you what you most want from a flight, I suspect many would respond: “No one in the seat next to me.”

There’s little more cheering than hearing that the aircraft doors have been closed and you don’t have to tolerate anyone invading your space.

After that, though, you’d like to have a little legroom and the flight to be on time. 

What about a smooth flight?

Doesn’t everyone want that? Does anyone enjoy periodic bouts of turbulence that rock the plane and the brain and perhaps even make some people feel queasy?

It seems, though, that Delta Air Lines has found something of a remedy for that.

Delta says the app was created in partnership with engineering company BCI. It also enjoys algorithms from the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Remarkably, its data is even customized according to the type of plane. Bigger planes are affected by turbulence differently from smaller ones.

Delta claims this information is far more useful to pilots than the more common PIREPS system, which presents the pilots with information from planes that flew earlier in the day.

The result is that turbulence is more easily prepared for and avoided — though there’s no way to always get around it.

Nature’s a little bigger than we are. 

Darren Murph at the Points Guy says a Delta pilot gave him a demo of the app. The pilot explained how much more accurate the information was, which allowed the pilots and the cabin crew to prepare more thoroughly.

The biggest question, naturally, is whether frequent Delta flyers have noticed that their flights have been largely smoother.

To hear, though, that a major airline is doing a little something to allay that is oddly cheering.

The airline does, however, have a reputation of at least occasionally thinking about the little things.

That’s why American and United are always looking enviously upward toward it.

Bothering about the little things can cause internal turbulence. It does, though, also have its rewards.

Sometimes, they’re even financial.