Secretly, we’re all this granny experiencing Tesla’s Autopilot mode for the first time

Anyone that’s been behind the wheel of a car that can drive itself knows the second you take your hands off the steering wheel for the first time — and trust the car not to hurl itself into oncoming traffic — is a nerve-wracking experience. Most of us, however, force all this anxiety down and try to appear as cool as a cucumber while we secretly start to wonder whether the future was really worth drinking baby food through a straw the rest of our lives. This granny shares none of your inhibitions about voicing her anxiety over Tesla’s self-driving feature. When…

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Google introduces Goals, so you can finally become a better person



Finding it hard to practice Spanish before your next overseas trip? Google wants to help with that.

On Wednesday, the company launched a new feature called Goals in Google Calendar, its iOS and Android app. If you really want to get into meditation, for example, you can follow Goal’s prompts to find the best time to set aside a few tranquil minutes in your busy schedule.

Typical goals include exercise or learning a new skill, but you can customise the feature with your latest resolutions. If you want to find some time to practice mindfulness, Goals would ask how often you need to practice and what times work best before customising your calendar for you.  Read more…

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Photos | MTV Buzzworthy Blog: The Most WTF Photos From EMA 2011

MTV Buzzworthy Blog: The Most WTF Photos From EMA 2011

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Shelley Simpson Receives Distinguished Women In Logistics Award From…

Women In Trucking is pleased to announce that Shelley Simpson has been chosen as the winner of the 2016 Women In Trucking Association’s Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award.

(PRWeb April 08, 2016)

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