Apple could add tap-to-pay support to iPhone 7 in Japan, but it’s not NFC

Apple might be looking to introduce a new tap-to-pay feature to its upcoming line of iPhones exclusively for customers living in Japan, Bloomberg reports. Instead of using NFC – similarly to its Apple Pay service in North America, Europe and Australia – the iPhone maker will opt for a Sony-built technology called FeliCa that currently dominates the mobile tap-to-pay market in Japan. With this move, Apple is looking to offer customers in Japan a quick and easy way of using their iPhones for public transport payments. The feature will also be widely supported at various vending machines, convenient stores and retailers across the country. Ditching NFC in favor of FeliCa makes sense.…

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You can now play ‘Solitaire’ and ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’ directly in Google


Google just added two new fun Easter eggs to its search results.

You can now play Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe minigames directly in Google’s app and web search results.

To access the new minigames, you just need to search for “Solitaire” or “TIc-Tac-Toe.” Both searches will surface the games, which you can play directly in your browser or the Google app.

Google’s take on Solitaire appears to be a pretty basic version of the classic, though it could prove to be a good source of easy entertainment for those looking to kill a little time. Google even added its logo to the back of the cards — just in case you forgot where you were actually playing.  Read more…

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MIT Is Dragging Hard-Wired Network Chips Into the Agile Era

Cloud computing is changing the demands on networks more quickly than ever. Now researchers say it’s possible to program routers all the way down to their packet-forwarding chips in the quest to keep up.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and five other organizations have found a way to make data-center routers more programmable without making them slower. This could allow enterprises to take advantage of new traffic and congestion management algorithms without replacing their routers.

The project takes SDN (software-defined networking) beyond the control plane, where things like configuration are handled, and into the data plane that actually forwards packets. Now programmers can change how the network decides which packets to send and which to keep in a buffer, for example. Eventually, that might mean deploying networks with fewer routers.

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T-Mobile One is garbage, and the EFF says it violates net neutrality

T-Mobile and its fancy new ’T-Mobile One’ plans, which promise unlimited LTE data, have come under fire from the EFF. The EFF’s senior staff technologist, Jeremy Gillula, tells The Daily Dot the EFF feels T-Mobile One is a threat to net neutrality: From what we’ve read thus far it seems like T-Mobile’s new plan to charge its customers extra to not throttle video runs directly afoul of the principle of net neutrality. He went on to note the FCC’s rules “explicitly said that ISPs can’t throttle traffic based on its type, or charge customers more in order to avoid discriminatory throttling.”…

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23 Demi Lovato Quotes That Will Drag You Out of Your Darkest Moments

In today’s world of manufactured pop stars and overt industry pressure to be “the next [insert iconic musician’s name here],” Demi Lovato has always stood out as a breath of fresh air. She has a unique sound; a commanding, out-of-this-world voice; and a sense of style that practically screams, “I could not care less what you think about me.” Yes, she got her start on the Disney channel, as many of Hollywood’s hottest stars have, but it wasn’t too long before Demi’s personal trials and tribulations set her apart from the teenybopper crowd.

Her struggles with depression, eating disorders, and self-harm became widely known during the late 2000s, thanks to a much-publicized fight with a backup dancer and a rehab stay in November 2010. She was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder and moved into a sober-facility. Throughout her dark times, she has not only taken full responsibility for her actions and unsavory behavior but has also managed to stay positive and optimistic – her strength lies in her ability to encourage and uplift not only her die-hard fans but anyone who happens to hear one of her heartfelt, inspiring songs or read or watch any of her candid, motivating interviews.

Demi Lovato is a perfect example of someone who, despite experiencing her fair share of setbacks, can still rise above, accept her imperfections, and happily use her role as a celebrity to influence and help others who may be wading through the same emotional pitfalls. We’ve rounded up 23 of Demi’s honest, genuine, and wholeheartedly inspiring quotes that are sure to touch your heart, whether you’ve found yourself in a dark place or just need a quick dose of reassurance.


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Founders and Christie Light Up Citibank’s Flagship Branch in São…

Christie®, a leader in creating and delivering the world’s best visual and audio experiences, is pleased to announce that Citibank’s flagship branch Nova Faria Lima in São Paulo (Brazil) has…

(PRWeb August 18, 2016)

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