Guess what? Any phone could explode, not just Samsung’s Galaxy Note7.


It really sucks to be Samsung right now.

Just when the company launches its Galaxy Note7, its best smartphone ever — one that I called the best smartphone on the planet — reports of devices exploding have forced the company to halt production and provide an unofficial recall through an “exchange program.”

All of last week, I’ve been inundated with comments on social media and IRL in regards to my review and the explosions.

Most comments were something along the lines of: “So much for being the best phone now that they’re exploding!” and “Are you planning to retract your review or change it?” Read more…

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Sea change: The American CEOs leading Australian startups


The Yankees are here. There’s small but growing contingent of American executives being brought in to lead Australian startups as they outgrow their Down Under boundaries.

Alex Bard, CEO of the Sydney-based email marketing company Campaign Monitor, is one member of the club. He told Mashable it was a conversation with his friend Jay Simons (the American who now helms hometown hero, software giant Atlassian) which partly persuaded him to take up the mantle.

“This opportunity was put in front of me, and I chatted quite a bit to him about how it feels to be an American as part of a company that has deep Australian roots and heritage,” he said. Apparently whatever Simons said worked. Read more…

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You Probably Shouldn’t Connect Your Smartphone To A Rental Car 

If given the option, it can be hard not to connect your smartphone to a rental car—especially when that’s what you’re used to in your own vehicle. But doing so could give others access to enough of your personal information to track you down at your own home and tell you what you did all week.

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