Did Dinosaurs Have Lips? One Paleontologist Thinks So

Filmmakers have come under fire before for inaccurate depictions of dinosaurs and for using outdated science. A University of Toronto Mississauga paleontologist has another possible discrepancy to add to that list: some dinosaurs may have had lips.

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Pixel Film Studios Set to Release ProBlood Cartoon for Final Cut Pro X

Pixel Film Studios Production Team Releases ProBlood Cartoon, a Hand-Drawn Blood Animation Effect…

(PRWeb May 21, 2016)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/05/prweb13427127.htm

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Lamborghini’s crisp, wild Huracán LP 580-2 is the most fun raging bull yet



Video: Nichi Hoskins

Lamborghinis are for making statements. They can say anything from “I’m richer than you” to “I’m Batman” — and everything in between.

Specifically, the Huracán Spyder tells onlookers you care for suntans as much as speed. The $ 1.9 million Centenario says that you wish you were a bumble bee.

However, the new entry-level Huracán LP 580-2 says to the world that you’re a driving enthusiast. Or at least it should. That’s because between the new flatter nose and rear-end, this Huracán is a simpler, lighter Lamborghini.

But, as I found with the McLaren 570S, just because a car is made less expensive and lighter than its brand-mates doesn’t mean it’s innately amazing to drive. Read more…

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Google Home isn’t good news for Nest



OK, Google, what’s up with Nest?

You just unveiled your widely anticipated smart home device, Google Home. Like Amazon Echo, it’s an always-listening device that can answer queries, check schedules and work with third-party smart home devices, including those from Nest.

I should be happy about that.

Dotted around my home are four Nest devices: two Nest Thermostats, a Nest Cam (formerly a Dropcam) and Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector. I can control the thermostats with my Amazon Echo. By the fall, I might be able to get my hands on Google Home and let it access and control these devices. Read more…

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ESPN’s new online ads let businesses focus on your favorite teams



Visit ESPN’s website after your team scores a big victory, and you may start seeing ads congratulating them on the win. 

Meanwhile, that same advertiser could be simultaneously mourning the opposing team’s loss to appease its disappointed fans.

ESPN just rolled out a new tool that lets advertisers place personalized ads based on what it knows about visitors’ favorite teams and players and the outcomes of particular games.

Brands can even build an advertisement around an exciting moment in a game — say, a far-out three-pointer from Steph Curry that has social media abuzz — then target it at fans of Curry or the Golden State Warriors for a set window of time afterwards. Read more…

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NASA’s awesome Snapchat story lets you experience life on the ISS

The International Space Station has just completed its 100,000th orbit around earth and to celebrate, NASA has partnered with Snapchat to create a Live Story documenting a day in space. For the next 24 hours, Snapchat users can experience what life on board the ISS is like through the eyes of its occupants, with NASA astronaut Tim Kopra kicking things off. Kopra joined the crew as Commander of Expedition 47 in December and will be spending six months in total in space. So far, the Live Story features some breathtaking views of earth, fun videos showing how everyday tasks are…

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Why you shouldn’t buy Amazon’s programmable IoT Dash button

Last week, Amazon released a new kind of Dash button we’ve all been waiting for: one you can program to merge just about any internet-connected devices together. It all sounds great in theory and seemingly affordable for $ 20 – until you realize that the battery is not rechargeable or replaceable, and only lasts 1,000 pushes. That’s two cents a push. Amazon suggests that some things you can do with the button is pizza ordering or Airbnb check in and outs. Two cents a push for these activities are somewhat reasonable, but Philips Hue lights? Do you really want to spend two cents to turn on…

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Every DJI Phantom owner should have the Manfrotto D1 Drone Backpack

Drone owners are a dedicated bunch of hobbyists, and clearly have no issue spending quite a bit on their aircraft. Though it’s a touch on the expensive side, the Manfrotto D1 Drone Backpack is probably an accessory every drone owner should have. The D1 was designed for the DJI Phantom, but can fit any similarly sized drone. Its main compartment holds the drone, while a top pouch houses your remote. Another compartment further up is meant for a DSLR camera, but the compartments can be used as you see fit. Around back, it has a sleeve for your laptop and…

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