PowerSchool Partners with Montgomery County School District to Boost…

PowerSchool will enhance the user experience and improve productivity for Montgomery County School District

(PRWeb March 16, 2016)

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Extreme Escape unlocks live action gaming in San Antonio

The door locks and the timer starts, and ten players rally together, using clues that lead to others to escape the room in record time….

(PRWeb March 15, 2016)

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YouTube block comes and goes in Georgia amid government sex tape allegations

In Georgia, at one point the whole of WordPress was blocked when the government was actually aiming to take down certain pages that were hosting pro-ISIS content (those specific pages remain blocked, while the rest of WordPress is up). And in Russia


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The sale of Intel’s VC unit may cause more markdowns in values of startups

Shadows are cast near the Intel logo at the 2015 Computex exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, June 3, 2015. Computex, the world's second largest computer show, runs from June 2 to 6.

Intel is shopping around its in-house venture-capital business,according to a Bloomberg report.

The move to sell part of Intel Capital, which comes two months after the retirement of the group’s president, is an abrupt change of plans at the world’s largest chip maker. Intel has been one of the most aggressive corporate investors in up-and-coming startups for the past 25 years.

The move could cause reverberations across the tech landscape that extend far beyond Intel.

It would be selling its investments in startup companies. In 2015 alone, Intel Capital invested $ 514 million in 143 companies focused on everything from security software to wearable devices.

Intel is obviously aware of the markdowns in valuations that Fidelity and other big mutual funds have recently made to their tech-startup holdings. Those markdowns may have convinced Intel that now is a good time to cash out some of its own tech-startup investments.

Mark to market

By selling its portfolio, Intel will essentially be giving the market an opportunity to affix a new, and very public, price onto dozens of startups in its portfolio.

Unlike the Fidelity write-downs, which are calculated through a process that’s as much art as it is science, a sale of assets on the open market leaves no room for debate. The price paid is the price paid.

If the Intel Capital assets sell at a discount to what Intel paid for them, that resets the value of the equity that other investors have in those same startups. And that price reset could extend beyond just Intel’s portfolio companies, if investors decide to apply the same multiples to other startups that are in similar businesses or have similar products.

Sure, sales of private-company investments happen quietly all the time in the secondary markets, as limited partners in venture funds look to get liquidity. But typically these sales are much smaller, and are not nearly as public as the Intel Capital assets on the auction block, which Bloomberg pegged at $ 1 billion.

It’s also possible that Intel Capital has some winning investments in its portfolio, and that it will sell the overall portfolio at a premium. In that case, the sale could help buoy the startup market, at least for some companies.

But would Intel be so eager to part with its startup investments if it were doing so well? The answer to that question will have big implications across Silicon Valley’s tech startups over the coming months.

This post appeared first on Business Insider.

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Columbus Circle Investors Invests $34287000 in Rackspace Hosting, Inc. (RAX)

Rackspace Hosting logo Columbus Circle Investors purchased a new stake in shares of Rackspace Hosting, Inc. (NYSE:RAX) during the fourth quarter, according to its most recent disclosure with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The institutional …

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French aviator plans to fly from Paris to New York in a biofuel plane



In the spirit of Charles Lindbergh, a French research company hopes to complete the first carbon-free trans-Atlantic flight later this year.

The Eraole, an electric biofuel plane developed by Laboratoire Océan Vital, will take flight from New York to Paris in June: The company says the plane will produce zero carbon emissions. If successful, the plane could have lasting impacts in the field of environmentally-friendly flight.

Laboratoire Océan Vital was founded by Raphaël Dinelli, a pilot and adventurer, who will pilot the plane on its transatlantic journey. Read more…

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Oculus adds new social games and Facebook sharing to Gear VR



In case there were any lingering doubts about Facebook’s plans to make virtual reality more social, Oculus just unleashed a suite of new social features for the Gear VR

The Facebook-owned company is adding new Facebook sharing features, new social games and other features that will make Samsung’s Gear VR more social.

On the Facebook side of things, Gear VR is getting a dedicated section for Facebook videos. Beginning next week you’ll also be able to connect your Facebook account in order to see a feed of 360-degree videos that’s personalized based on the friends and pages you follow Read more…

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TherapySites Announces New Affiliation With Kentucky Counseling…

The new relationship between TherapySites and Kentucky Counseling Association aims to make online marketing available to all therapists.

(PRWeb March 09, 2016)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/TherapySites/WebsitesforTherapists/prweb13247936.htm

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