DOJ knew of possible iPhone-cracking method before Apple case

Weeks before the FBI sought a court order forcing Apple to help it break into an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino gunmen, a sister agency was already using an Israeli security firm’s technology to attempt to crack a similar device.

The FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have repeatedly insisted that they had no other option but to force Apple to help them crack an iPhone used by the gunman Syed Rizwan Farook, at least until an outside party offered assistance earlier this week.

“We have engaged all parts of the U.S. government” to find a way to access the device without Apple’s help, FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers in early March. “If we could have done this quietly and privately, we would have done it.”

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India Most Exposed To Natural Hazards

The number of people facing significant threats from natural hazards is greatest in South Asia, with earthquakes, flooding and severe storms the main perils, while those in sub Saharan africa are the most vulnerable to them and will have the hardest time recovering because of political instability, corruption and availability of infrastructure and resources to rebuild.

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RangeMe Partners with P3 Pet Trade Show and Windy City Gift Show to…

Through the partnership, two of Urban Expositions’ premier events, the P3|Progressive Pet Products Trade Show and the Windy City Gift Show, will leverage RangeMe’s technology to provide exhibiting…

(PRWeb March 22, 2016)

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Ninox Software Releases New Version of Globally Acclaimed Business App…

Ninox is a database-powered business app maker that enables anyone to rapidly create robust, fully- functional databases for a variety of business or personal applications. The app delivers dozens of…

(PRWeb March 21, 2016)

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These are 50 of Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies (fine, they’re baby EUnicorns)


( – For the second year running, Tech Tour has presented its ‘Growth 50’ list at yesterday’s Growth Forum (the organization’s flagship event) in Switzerland.

The list represents 50 of Europe’s fastest-growing tech businesses, which regular readers will no doubt be able to identify as baby EUnicorns, albeit with a light chuckle.

Tech Tour, together with Silverpeak Investment Bank and in conjunction with a selection committee of international investors from firms like Accel Partners, DN Capital, Earlybird and Highland Europe, has researched and evaluated over 175 European private tech companies valued under $ 1 billion.


The organization claims the Tech Tour Growth 50 companies have created over 8, 000 high-tech jobs, attracted over $ 3.5 billion of investment, and have an estimated combined valuation of $ 14.2 billion.

Compared to 2015, the composition of the list has changed significantly in terms of vertical, with ‘B2C eCommerce’ dropping in importance (from 50% to 30%) and FinTech –unsurprisingly – coming up strongly.

Here are some more interesting facts and figures, straight from the report:


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We’re hosting a week of 100+ tech events – including Amazon’s AWS Summit

By now, you’ve probably already seen our amazing lineup for TNW Europe, the festival bringing you top-flyers from the likes of Facebook, Google, Adyen,, Uber, Thuisbezorgd, Reddit, Zalando, Blendle, WeTransfer and many, many more. But did you know that a ticket for TNW Europe is so much more than a simple, all-access pass to one of the world’s favourite two-day conferences: it’s also the key to free registration and 50 percent discounts for a week of incredible side events running from May 23-27, 2016. Amazon’s AWS Summit, Young Creators Assembly, Crowdfunding Day Europe, The Next Women and many more are all on-board for…

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Science Center’s Global Soft Landing Program Grows with Addition of…

The University City Science Center’s Global Soft Landing program has welcomed two new companies in the Port business incubator.

(PRWeb March 18, 2016)

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Waste the rest of your day with Facebook Messenger’s hidden basketball game

fb messenger bball
Looks like someone in the Facebook team has caught the March Madness fever; in a small update to the Messenger app, typing in the basketball emoji can enable a secret mini-game between you and a friend. To start, just locate the basketball emoji (copy and paste ????, if you can’t find it in your growing emoji list), send it to a friend and click it to start the game. You’ll get a basketball placed in various locations on your screen, and all you have to do just swipe up toss the ball into the hoop. The goal is to challenge your friend to…

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These Tiny Magnets Could Stop People Stealing Bike Wheels

There’s lots of reasons why we can’t have nice things; when it comes to bicycles, it’s because assholes enjoy stripping them for parts, or stealing them outright. This project is trying to fix that, one oddly-shaped magnet at a time.

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