Tough as nails Nokia cell phone fights valiantly against red hot nickel ball

There are few materials in the world stronger or more resilient or tougher than that indestructible Nokia cell phone that everyone had at one point in their life. You could run it over with a tank or drop it off the Empire State building or chuck it across a parking lot into a burning building and it would still work. What can destroy it though? The red hot nickel ball.

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GOLFZON Equipped with VISION and GDR Systems at Hong Kong…

– Third store in Hong Kong, two VISION and one GDR systems installed through official distributer GreenLive – VISION and GDR Systems, LPGA’s official simulator, consistently used by world-class Korean…

(PRWeb August 14, 2015)

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Article on Parental Knowledge and Childhood Obesity Shows that a…

Commenting on the recent article, the bariatric medical center notes that this is another example of how a parent’s approach to weight management can have a very real effect on the health and weight…

(PRWeb August 11, 2015)

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Blockchain Apparatus Conducts Nation’s First Presidential Straw Poll…

The poll was the first of its kind conducted utilizing the technology underlying the bitcoin cryptocurrency– provided by the Blockchain Apparatus company, a subsidiary of Blockchain Technologies…

(PRWeb August 10, 2015)

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Alibaba upgrades anti-counterfeiting system following complaints

Amid complaints that the e-commerce company does little to fight fake goods, China’s Alibaba Group is giving foreign vendors a direct line to report any counterfeit products spotted on its retail sites.

The e-commerce giant has introduced an English-language version of its counterfeit reporting system, the company said on Friday. This will better allow foreign companies to file complaints, so that Alibaba can take down the infringing goods on its Taobao and Tmall sites.

Both Taobao and Tmall are two of China’s largest online retail platforms, and host products from foreign vendors including Apple, Calvin Klein and Uniqlo, among many others. However, Alibaba’s e-commerce sites have often faced criticism for promoting knock-off goods made by local Chinese sellers.

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